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Even with future rejuvenation therapies still out of today's reach, there is already a lot of cutting edge medical knowledge and technology that can be used right now to significantly extend our healthy life spans.

However, most of that knowledge remains unused because it is either distributed over various experts, specialized communities, blogs, websites, books and news feeds or buried deeply in scientific research results. Thus it can be quite hard to gather reliable information and make informed decisions regarding our personal health and longevity.

To change this, we have set out to unify the knowledge from the world's leadings sources, turn it into actionable information and create the most effective personal longevity strategy that can be implemented at present.

In the spirit of the open source community we freely share our knowledge and invite everyone to participate.

About the Longevity Strategy ...

Building Blocks

Additional Resources

To accelerate the creation of the 'Personal Longevity Strategy' and the knowledge base that we use to document and share it, we are hiring a dedicated project team.

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