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Today the connection between mind and body is well understood. Our mental well-being directly influences our health and long-term outlook. A positive attitude, meditation, and good stress management can contribute significantly.


Positive Attitude

One of the major factors to achieve one's goals and to carry through with one's endeavors in life is to cultivate and maintain a positive attitude. What we found it most helpful to instill a feeling of gratefulness for the things we have, to focus on our personal growth, to stay hungry and keep learning and improving every single day. A book that nails it, it's "Awaken the Giant Within."

Self Improvement & Mental Well-Being (Reading List)


Contrary to common belief meditation is not a religious or esoteric practice, but a scientifically well-researched technique to improve mind and body. It is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body. 

Meditation can alleviate depressive symptoms and anxiety, boost working memory and sustained attention, increase empathy and compassion, instill calmness and reduce stress. It can diminish age-related effects in the brain and reduce cognitive decline. Meditation has proven to lower blood pressure, increase immunity, accelerate healing processes and act anti-inflammatory, due to stress reduction.

The easiest and probably most practical form of mediation is a mindful meditation focusing on one's breath. We suggest doing it every morning right after wake-up or workout for 15 - 20 minutes. Zenhabits has a short and comprehensive intro to meditation.

How to Meditate Daily (

The science behind meditation, and why it makes you feel better (


Implementing a healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper detoxification, a good night sleep, daily meditation and maintaining a positive attitude already take us a very long way towards reducing negative, destructive stress in our lives. Yoga and binaural beats can help us even further along the way.


Not only an excellent complementary activity to our body weight training to increase and maintain flexibility but yoga also has a profound impact on one's mental health as well. The combination of movement with breathing, and the awareness and mindfulness that it instills during the practice carries over into everyday life.


Binaural Beats

Binaural beats occur when two sounds with nearly similar frequency are presented one to each ear with stereo headphones. The brain integrates the two signals, producing a sensation of a third sound, the binaural beat. E.g., if a frequency of 200 Hz is played in one ear and 207 Hz in the other ear, a binaural beat of 7 Hz is created by the brain.

Listening to the beats stimulate the corresponding brain waves as beta waves (13-26 Hz) for alert concentration and problem-solving, alpha waves (8-13 Hz) for alert relaxation, theta waves (4-7 Hz) for deep relaxation and increased learning and delta waves (1-3 Hz) for deep sleep.

Binaural beats can either be consumed as pure sounds or as music with embedded frequencies to generate the beats.

Binaural Beats You Can Listen To For Free (

7.83 Hz by Jack Hertz (

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