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From time to time, our research team looks into advanced medical topics that we find helpful to optimize our health and well-being.

Numerous aspects of lipid metabolism have been implicated in the development of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is important to identify biomarkers that allow reliable cardiovascular risk prediction. This Practical Guide aims to identify those markers, evaluate their relevance, and determine the best lipid monitoring protocol available at the moment.

APOE is the gene responsible for coding Apolipoprotein E, a key player in our lipid metabolism. The APOE4 variant is well known for its association with a significantly higher risk of Alzheimer's disease. Numerous other conditions have been linked to it, including different forms of dementia, cardiovascular disease, and decreased longevity. There are several important implications for carriers of one or two copies of the E4 variant, particularly concerning saturated fat and heavy metal detox.

Our practical guide covers both the inherent risks and strategies to minimize their impact.

Numerous natural antivirals and immunomodulators have been suggested for both prevention and treatment of COVID-19. In this "Practical Guide" we review the scientific, empirical, and clinical evidence of 50 natural substances and mixtures that could potentially help prevent infection or reduce the severity of symptoms.

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