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Maximizing our Chances


The cornerstone of our approach to take advantage of the incredible opportunity handed to us is to create, apply and continuously improve the most effective personal longevity strategy that we can implement at present.

We do this both to be healthy as possible for as long as possible now and to be still in optimal shape when new rejuvenation therapies arrive step-by-step in the future.

Building the Strategy

Our 'Personal Longevity Strategy' and the knowledge base that we use to document and share it are designed regarding what we wished we had at hand when we started our quest a few years ago:  A holistic and comprehensive 'How-To' that unifies the knowledge from the world's leadings sources and turns it into actionable information.

It breaks down the vast field into easy to implement 'Step-By-Step' building blocks and offers as much 'Do-It-Yourself' as possible. For those parts where we need professional support, it maps the strategy to existing medical services, enables 'Eye-Level' discussions with our service providers and empowers ourselves to make educated decisions on our health and longevity.

Additionally, it provides links to what we found to be the most relevant sources of information on the individual topics - as an invitation to go deeper into the matter.

Keeping it Up-To-Date

To improve our strategy at the leading edge, we follow exciting scientific developments that are around the corner and continuously evaluate how to benefit from them as soon as possible.

Currently, most of the upcoming technology will probably only slow and not halt or reverse our aging process but at least will give us some extra healthy years.

In the long-term, we will integrate cellular and molecular repair technologies into our strategy as they become available step-by-step in the future.


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