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CoQ10 has been used as a health-enhancing supplement for quite some years now. However, if taken orally, little of the Q10 reaches the place where it would be needed most - the power plants within our cells - the mitochondria. However, scientists invented a way to dramatically increase the uptake of CoQ10 into the mitochondria ( > 800x ) by adding a tugboat molecule to the Q10 itself that facilitates traversal from the inside the cell into mitochondria. Since then this new form of Q10 has been tested extensively, both in animal and human trials, with some spectacular results in terms of slowing down aging, endothelial repair, reversing neuronal damage and other degenerative diseases.

Since the beginning of 2014 MitoQ, a variant of this new form of Q10 is widely available as a supplement.

Also known as: Mitoquinone mesylate, Mitochondrial-targeted CoQ10

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