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During our research we have read numerous books in order to get a 360 view on all the topics we want to understand. For this list we have picked the best ones that we came across for each topic. Often it's just that there is no single book that covers all of the relevant issues for one topic, just like covering 330 degrees only. Only in conjunction with other books on the topic and knowledge from relevant websites we can achieve a 360 view.


Practical Paleo

A hands on introduction to Paleo and a cookbook at the same time. Uncomplicated recipes and great meal plans to target specific goals like chronic diseases and athletic performance.

The easiest way to get started.

Primal Body, Primal Mind

One of our favorite in-depth books about the science and numerous health benefits of the Paleo diet. Very throughout and also covers the effects that nutrition has on our brain. 

Wheat Belly

Perfectly explains why wheat is so bad for us and how it got worse decade by decade.

Coconut Oli Miracle

In-depth coverage of all the numerous health benefits of coconut oil


Paleo Cooking from Elena's Pantry

Extremely yummy recipes, including long drinks and guilt & carb free ice cream

Against all Grain

Mouthwatering by just looking at the artful shots of the delicious food. A real showcase that Paleo can easily exceed conventional cooking and baking.

The Spunky Coconut Cookbook

Great recipes including Paleo pasta, bakery, ice cream and smoothies


Body by Science

Based on the latest scientific knowledge, this is the book to really understand all the misconception that we usually have about exercise, the difference between fitness and health, the biochemistry of our body for training, how to train for maximum results with minimum effort, why training every muscle just once a week is enough, why doing workout is the better cardio, why you don't need extra cardio for health and why it can even make you fat.

You are your own Gym

The most convenient workout ever. No weights, machinery or fitness studio required. Just four times 30 minutes per week at home will do the job to get us in perfect shape and optimum health. 

Body by You

The girls version of "You are your own gym"


The Detox Strategy

Competent and comprehensive guide on how to rid our body of its toxic burden by just using natural means.

Self Improvement

4 Hour Work Week

Excellent and to the point way to help us find out what we really want in our life, how to focus on it and how to get rid of all that distracts us from realizing our dreams 

Awaken the Giant Within

Once we know what we want, this book shows us on how to set ourselves up in order to maximize our potential and overcome self-limiting behaviors and thought patterns that keep us from achieving it.

What got you here, won't get you there

Probably the smartest way for highly successful people to achieve even more. Instead of learning to do new things, it makes us aware of the mayor mistakes in dealing with the people around us and shows us how to stop making them. 

Mental Well-Being


Turning modern psychology on its head. Instead of asking: what can we do to make the relative small number mentally ill people get better, positive psychology uses the very same scientific approach to help ordinary people be happier.

The Monk who sold his Ferrari

A modern tale and practical guide about finding out about the core values and what really matters in life.

The Power of Now

If we ignore the occasional esoterically excursions, this book presents us with an easy to understand model of our behavioral patterns in order to enable us to observe and control them. Using this extremely powerful tool allows us to free ourself of the conditioning, desires and thinking imprinted on us by our past experiences, our upbringing and the society surrounding us in order to discover our real own core values and true personal goals. And it shows us a way to achieve a zen-like focus on the here and now in order to maximize our potential in doing the task at hand instead of being distracted by past experiences and future desires.

The Art of Happiness

A down to earth reflection on what personal traits to avoid and the ones to cultivate in order to achieve balance and happiness.

Rejuvenation / Longevity Biotechnology

Ending Aging

The Book from Aubrey de Grey describing the Foundation of the SENS approach to combat aging in our lifetime. SENS takes an engineering approach to the challenge of ageing, by identifying the 7 main causes of ageing, proposing molecular and cellular countermeasures and suitable directions of research.

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