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Precision Nutrition

SELF Nutrition Data - online database of nutritional data

FoodDB - crowdsourced nutrition data and tracking

FoodDB App - the accompanying app to FoodDB, very convenient for looking up and tracking carbs, fat, protein and calories

100 Percent Pure - very nicely scented shower liquids

Tom's of Main - our favorite aluminum free deodorant

Natures Gate - our favorite fluoride free toothpaste

Primal Life Organics - organic, gluten free makeup & skin care

LEF Magazine - monthly e-zine on the latest developments in personalized prevention, great background articles as well

LEF Health Protocols - An great knowledge base on how to treat chronic diseases by tackling the root causes thru nutrition and supplements - Great source of Information of specific supplements

ConsumerLab - Independent testing of supplements, to ensure we always use the best

Life Extension Foundation - in our view simply the best supplier of supplements on the planet, totally dedicated to their mission

Renew Life - Natural Detox supplements

Longevity Reporter - Excellent blog on the latest developments in life extension sciences

Aging Sciences - Excellently composed overviews on the state of research and knowledge on upcoming life extension technologies

Aging Matters - A very profound weekly with valuable info on life extension

Fight Aging ! -  Frequent in-depth articles and a great knowledge base on advanced life extension topics

MILE - Newsfeed of exiting developments in the field of life extension

SENS Research Foundation - Home of the SENS approach to cure aging

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